About EPMH

We offer different, distinguished and reliable services.

At El Paso Mental Health, we are in the business of changing the community for the better and hope to end the stigma around mental health while bringing awareness about mental problems and illnesses to our region.

We have developed an effective and adequate program based on a core belief that a team approach is necessary to assure a better quality of life to the patient and the patient’s family. Our team of experts are all outstanding providers in the El Paso community and have many years of credited, ample experience

in the mental healthcare field.

We believe in educating not only the patient but the patient’s family, those who suffer alongside them. As a matter of fact, we know that lot of tragic situations can be prevented if proper identification of symptoms is taught to the people closest to the ones in need, that’s why we provide adequate, effective mental health education and training to those who are close to the patient.

We accept Medicaid, most Private Insurances and Self-Pay!

Self-Pay Rates

Initial Evaluation - $150.00
Follow-up Appointments - $70.00
(Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner & Therapist Appointments)